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Criminal Defense Attorney


When faced with criminal charges, it’s imperative that you obtain the legal counsel of a truly skilled and experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Criminal charges can easily result in a number of life-changing penalties upon conviction. Furthermore, in any criminal case the prosecution is going to come after you aggressively. Prosecutors have extensive money and resources to build their case, and will stop at nothing to see you convicted of your charges. You need a highly trained criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights at all times, and aggressively defend you at each stage of your case. Your rights and future depend on it!


Why Donald T. Dunham & Associates?


We are dedicated to providing exceptional defense services to people charged with crimes in the Los Angeles area. With more years of experience, we are more than capable of defending clients against even the toughest charges. To enhance the strength of our cases, we work as team, with each attorney bringing his own unique insight, experience, and expert opinion to the table. We believe that working as a team of dedicated attorneys is the most effective to way to increase our clients’ chances of overcoming their charges and walking away “not guilty”!

We defend people charged with a variety of both misdemeanor and felony crimes, such as:


• Drug Crimes including Possession or Distribution


• Assault

• Domestic Violence

• Gun Crimes

• Hate Crimes

• Violent Crimes

• Burglary

• Theft and Retail Theft Crimes

• Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle

• Robbery

• Murder

• Manslaughter

• Sexual Assault Crimes

• Traffic Tickets

• Shoplifting

• Felony / Misdemeanor Defense


When to Involve an Attorney

At what point should you involve a criminal attorney? Most often our advice in these situation is: “If you think you might need an attorney, you probably do!” The majority of people who contact our firm seeking legal advice are in need of attorney representation. It does not matter whether you have already been arrested and/or charged with a criminal offense, your rights and freedom are in jeopardy from the moment you are accused of a crime and law enforcement becomes involved in any way. Although law enforcement may have simply contacted you for “questioning” or to gather more information about an ongoing investigation, it is important to recognize that this may mean that you are suspect. If law enforcement will not clarify whether you are at risk of being accused of a crime, exercise your right to remain silent and to consult a legal professional.


It certainly will not harm you in any way to consult a criminal defense lawyer to find out if you are in danger of facing criminal charges. At any point in the criminal process, even before charges are filed, an attorney can take action to protect your Constitutional rights. This may go a long way in determining whether you actually end up being formally charged with a crime at all.


If you have been accused or charged with committing a crime in Los Angeles, please don’t put your rights and liberties at risk of being taken away. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is the first step you can take to protect your rights and fight for your freedom! We can aggressively fight your charges and stand up to the powerful prosecutors looking to put you behind bars. We are fully committed to utilizing our knowledge, skill, and experience of Los Angeles criminal law to serve your best interest and help you avoid a conviction that will undoubtedly affect your life for many years to come.

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